After discussions with church leadership, Pastor David is announcing that all Christ Chapel church services, Wednesday night activities, and Bible studies are canceled until Easter Sunday, April 12th.
Please continue to pray for our churches as they struggle with decisions that will be
praised by some and criticized by others. Christ Chapel leadership lovingly supports and chooses
to respect our President’s leadership and our appointed health officials’ requests of
responsible quarantine, to respect and care for the health of our congregation and be a witness to
Bandera by doing this. The Bible is clear in the Old Testament as to how seriously we should deal
with infection and illness. It is also clear that we should respect all leadership God has put into place.
And it is clear we should care at least as much for our neighbor as we do about ourselves.
Serve the Lord with gladness, find out where and who needs His love in practical needs
and meet those needs as God leads you. We love you all.
David and Krista

You may contact us at 830.796.7154.