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Christ Chapel Weekly Schedule



 Sunday Bible Study-The Gospel Project

Adult Bible Study-Meet in the O.E.-Rear Building

Pre K-6th Grade-Meet in the O.E.-Rear Building

Youth 7th-12th Grade- Rear Cabin

Nursery Provided-Sanctuary Foyer

10:00 am

Sunday Worship Services

 Nursery Provided-Sanctuary Foyer


Wednesday Bible Study

6:15 pm

Men-Hard Sayings of Paul- Wine for the Stomach

1 Timothy 5:23, Meet in the O.E.

Women-Knowing God by Name-Meet in the Sanctuary

Pre K-6th, Meet in Sanctuary Foyer

Nursery Provided-Sanctuary Foyer


Choir Rehearsal



Christ Chapel By-Laws


Christ Chapel Statement of Beliefs


Path of Rightousness